Child-Cure Program
February 12, 2019
Working for the community hospital / Health sanitation and hygiene education
February 12, 2019

Compunter teaching

Do you want an authentic experience of Nepal? Encounter ways of living very different from your own? And do you want to make a difference at the same time? Long Term volunteering makes these things possible.
Nepal is an underdeveloped country. Years of political conflicts, poverty, and lack of education has prevented the Nepalese people from getting the chances they deserve. At the Service volunteer Nepal, we believe it to be our responsibility to help and try to make these conditions better.
Improving such things takes time. To better a society, you must live in this society. In order to change a country’s conditions, you must first adjust to these conditions yourself. Only after experiencing these things firsthand can you share your own knowledge through teaching, communicating, and interacting, which in turn can leave a lasting effect on these people. You might find that living with a local family and adjusting to Nepali life has a lasting effect on yourself as well.

computer teaching

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