Lamjung International work camp
February 11, 2019
Child-Cure Program
February 12, 2019

kathmandu International work camp

The Kathmandou work camp is at 13 km to airport and 7 Km to Thamel (Katmandou center). The location is a small village, where most people live by agriculture. Our volunteers live all together in a camp house
In the work camp, often during the evening, we talk together about a topic, like expression liberty, agriculture, peace. One thing is important during the staying: To exchange own culture, own feeling with the group. Sometimes you can teach your cooking, your music, … And we teach you own culture (like the famous meal which call MOMO).
You have 2 days off per week. Kathmandu offers amenities like restaurants with Wifi, pharmacies, grocery stores. During your free time, they are many places you can visiting national park for hiking, many temples, government school, to meet local farmers, …

This work camp tries to have a social impact, while giving a valuable life lesson to the volunteers. There are many different fields of activity
The goal is to make an organic agriculture here with local people integration. The work is to inform and teach local population for grow seed. To give them different kind of seeds, which one are giving after to other family.

Kathmandu Workcamp

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