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Volunteers Testimonials
    Mr.Robin Volunteer from Concordia France "I came in Nepal during 3 months as a volunteer. I was the English teacher in a private school in Besishahar, it`s a small city 6 hours far from Kathmandu by bus. I lived in a host family in Ranikuwa which is a village 30 minutes far from Besishahar. I really enjoyed my time in this school. It was my first experience as volunteer and teacher so at the beginning I was the little bit lost but after it was very easy. I learned many things about Nepal from my host family but also from the students. My host parents were very friendly and very kind to me, they treat me like family, I was one of them and it was great. The school was also very good. They had many facilities like the school bus from my village so no need to walk, and the teachers were very friendly. I visited many places with the school, we went to picnic. And the students were amazing with me, I will never forget my time with them. They are very curious and they want to learn many things from you and where you come from. The only things that I regret are that I had only 2 periods, and it is not enough. It would have been better for me if I had more classes. And I was supposed to take the classes where the teachers were absent and play with the students but very few teachers were absent so there were no opportunities for me or only occasionally to play with them. And to live in the countryside it is very nice because it is beautiful but sometimes I felt boring. I was the only volunteer so I felt lonely sometimes. To meet new people it is better to live in city area like Kathmandu and Pokhara. But it was a great experience in Nepal, I learned many things on this great country. The Nepali are very friendly and generous people. I have planned to come back in Nepal because 3 months it is not enough to enjoy with the host family and the students. I came in Nepal to give my time but I received much more than I gave." Robin DINTILHAC Phone number ; 0688839863 8, rue des Sources 31000 TOULOUSE
  • Laura and Miriam
    Laura and Miriam: We were teaching in Shree higher secondary school Khairenitar for five month – Math and English. We stand in a small town near Pokhara. It was a great experience. At the beginning it was a bit difficult, but we get used to the unknown circumstances fast. So after some time we did not miss the hot shower or other things any more. Our host family was so nice and friendly. They gave us the opportunity to take part at Dashing-festival and Tiahrt. During this and during the rest of our 5 month we learned a lot of Nepal. Also school was a little shock for us at the beginning. The methods and rooms are really different to European schools. We both had never tough before, so we first had to get used to it. But all the students has been really friendly, nice and they have been also really interested. Most times the teacher was checking the homework of the students, during we made the lessons. On the weekends we visited Pokhara or some places near our home. Often we had a great view to the Anapurnarange. Two times we worked with a small organization “Namaste Kids” and provided some school uniforms and blankets. So after our time here in Nepal, we can say, we will never forget Nepal and we were happy, that we met so many kind people, had such a nice time and that we got so much out of our stay here. Laura and Miriam E-Mail: miritke@web.de
    Laura and Miriam
  • Cuillen Sander
    Name: Cuillen Sander E-mail: cuillensander@gmail.com Telephone : (604)-561-0700 Tucked in the foothills of the countryside, the farm is a breathtaking vantage point overlooking surrounding farmlands, Chitwan National Park and the Sacred Trisuli River below. The landscape is thriving with many varieties of organic fruits and vegetables which are cultivated and can be harvested for delicious meals. There is a cow who provides us with milk, a number of goats who wander, graze & entertain, and plans for more animals like chickens. I highly recommend this work camp for those seeking the beautiful natural country life of Nepal, and those who share the dream of an Organic Eco Friendly paradise.
    Cuillen Sander
  •  Anna Sole Ferre
    Name: Anna Sole Ferre E-mail: anna_sfer@hotmail.com I came to Nepal as a volunteer in the Shree Khaireni Higher Secondary School for one month. I lived with a family in Khaireni, 10 minutes by walking from the school. In my experience, it has been an amazing adventure. Not all the moments were good since I found a very different culture and traditions, and sometimes I felt a little lonely, but I would never change it. Some of the bad points could be that sometimes the communication with the family was difficult since they didn’t speak English very well. In the beginning, I didn’t have a clear job in the school, and nobody explained to me what I had to do. After a week I started teaching in class 6, three days a week, and the other periods I went to other classes with the corresponding teachers. In the project documents, it was written that before and after the school I would go to an orphanage, but it resulted that there was no orphanage, and at the end, I went to extra classes in the evenings to help some children to do the homework. But of course, good points are much heavier than bad points. I learned more things that I could imagine from Nepali people, especially from my students. I learned how to make them pay attention in class, how to laugh with them, and how to learn from them. Also in the evening extra classes, after finishing the homework we went for evening walking with them, and I knew their families and their villages, with the amazing views inside the jungle. Although the communication with the family was sometimes difficult I got along with them very close, and I became another member of the family. Maybe one month it’s not enough to do this kind of volunteering since after one month I started to really understand the culture and the way of life. But still, it has been an incredible experience.
    Anna Sole Ferre
  •  Cal Hagen
    Name : Cal Hagen E-mail: caljanhag@gmail.com Of course as a western volunteer there are things one encounters in Nepal which differ the western culture greatly. For me I can say that it wasn’t as hard to adapt as I thought. The harder things may be that daal bhaat (which is great) is eaten daily twice during your whole stay or that in winter it also gets cold in the rooms and during the night you better have enough blankets, but all in all these things are nothing to what you can experience here in this beautiful country. I have done and seen things which have never done before. I ate the brain and testicles of a goat, killed a duck, was not only at a nepali wedding but also celebrated Hindu festivals with my family. I won’t even have to talk about the mountains because as you can guess they will blow your minds. The work at school may seem very hard at first, but as soon as you stay a while you notice the kids’ love you and the lessons get easier every time. I am only not quite fond of the nepali school system and teaching system. If you might feel difficulties in school, then try singing songs with the kids, of course games help, but also pictures of the western world would be interesting for da kidz. So all in all even though I had to use my left hand for 5 months (if you know what I mean) it was a pretty exciting time. Thanks !
    Cal Hagen
  •  Koji Tanokura
    Name: Koji Tanokura Phone number: 080-5501-7313 E-mail: k.tano1995gmail.com My activity place is Palung. This place has a very good location. I thought and paint worked in a government school. It is a very precious experience for me. In the first week, the school was winter vacation so I could not be teaching to students. I started from pickup stone and garbage on the playground and I thought that I have to paint some drawing on the wall for to disappear the garbage in the playground. I completed two drawing until last day. It is also a good job for me. When the school started, I thought English and Mathematics to students. It is also very good experience for me. Their class is very different for my country school class, so first time teaching was very difficult for me but getting better after. I will never forget this experience and memory. I will do my best in Japan. Thank you, everyone. Thank you everything. Thank you, Nepal and Nepalese people.
    Koji Tanokura
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